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  • Electromagnetic heating furnace for medium and large scale heating engineering

Our advantage


branded advantages

Electromagnetic heating leader for 12 years, a group of domestic early electromagnetic heating companies.

Technical advantages

With its own R&D team and over 10 technical patents, it is the company that has mastered the core technology of electromagnetic heating in China.

Product advantages

The product specifications are complete, the whole machine adopts the brand components, the core device is imported from Germany, and passed the ISO system certification, the quality is more reliable.

branded advantages

Electromagnetic heating has a large market share. There are 5 sets of 10 units each from Saiyu. The sales agent has a low threshold and is easy to promote.

service advantage

The service flow system is sound, and the spare parts preparation machine responds in a timely manner. The original authorized dealer service provider guarantees after-sales support.


The three construction projects of dongd...

The three construction projects of dongd...

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Shanxi jiexiu dafusi coal mine (heating ...

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Shenyang gymnasium adopts magnetic furna...

Shenyang university gymnasium will be used as the judo competition venue of the ...

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About us


Shenzhen Sai Ge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd._CND

  As a collection of research and development, production, sales and after sales for the integration of environmental protection high-tech enterprises,  saco was established in shenzhen in 1990, the development so far has senior engineering and technical team, advanced foreign production equipment and scientific and strict management system, and the strength, good reputation, be praised by customers all over the country.  
  In response to a country to save energy and protect the national policy, the saco always USES the European and American advanced production technology, with independent innovation as the forerunner, take the customer demand as the center of the objective, devotes to the electromagnetic heating heater, solar hot water engineering, solar photovoltaic power generation, air can heat pump hot water engineering, air compressor high temperature waste heat utilization, plating bath heating equipment, plant cooling ventilation engineering, etc.
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