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What should electric heating installation notice?

Time:2018-07-09 Views:1051
    1. Power capacity increase
    If the installed electric ground heating area is more than or equal to 80 square meters, it is recommended to increase the existing power capacity, otherwise it is easy to jump off the switch when all the power is on. The content of electric power capacity increase is mainly electricity meter and household line. The specific amount of power used can be calculated according to the heating area and the actual installation power of the ground heating company.
     2. Temperature controller installation position
    The installation position of electric heating thermostat cannot be randomly selected, the height should be between 1.2m and 1.7m from the ground, it should avoid light, no covering, and pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof.
    3. Wire reservation
    Before installing electric ground heating, the thermostat power cord (zero line, fire line, ground wire) should be reserved in each room. When the electrician sets up the electric wire, the slot should be opened, and the thermostat dark box should be kept for access.
    4.Level the ground
    Before installing electric heating, the ground height should be budgeted and the ground should be leveled. There should be no bulge or depression.
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