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What are the differences between the half bridge and the whole bridge of the electromagnetic heater?

Time:2018-06-23 Views:1104
    1. Application status. The whole bridge control motherboard has clear power distribution and quick response. Half bridge motherboard is relatively fuzzy and the reaction is reasonable.
    2. Heating body. The load load of the whole bridge control board is higher, so the heating surface is larger and more uniform. Half bridge is less effective.
    3. Use. In general, the control panel of the low-power electromagnetic heating equipment, i.e. 2.5kw-20kw, is sufficient to use half bridge, while the high-power electromagnetic induction heater, i.e.
    4. Stability. Whole bridge with half bridge control main board in the technology processing perfect Angle can achieve stable operation effect, the difference between the two main on the loss degree of components and product configuration, more reasonable burden of each part of the whole bridge components, loss of small, long service life, and half bridge burden and loss is bigger, reasonable service life.
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