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Principle of electromagnetic generation (charge motion)

Time:2018-06-01 Views:1225

        Principle of electromagnetic generation: the movement of electric charge produces electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic is the reaction of energy.All electromagnetic phenomena are dependent on electric fields.

        Charge motion can create waves.
Its fluctuation mechanism is: the charge e motion, inevitably is its proximity to block e, show the charge movement to drive its proximity to 1 upward movement, namely adjacent to accompany e charge movement upward movement;When adjacent 1 moves upward, it is inevitably hindered by its own adjacent 1, which is reflected in that adjacent 1 drives its own adjacent upward movement, i.e., adjacent 2 moves upward along with adjacent 1.So it‘s going to travel forward, it‘s going to fluctuate.Obviously, in a vacuum, this wave travels at the speed of light.

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