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Brief analysis of electromagnetic heating high frequency induction equipment advantages

Time:2018-09-04 Views:817
    Electromagnetic heating high frequency induction equipment is widely used in various industrial fields because it can directly heat metals. But what advantage does it have, besides being able to heat the workpiece from three different levels: depth, medium and surface, to avoid the pain of piecework?
    It heats up quickly. Compared with other heating techniques, electromagnetic heating high frequency induction equipment is characterized by its fast speed, which can be heated in seconds and the workpiece can be heated to the required target temperature in a few seconds. Fast heating also means that a worker‘s daily work can complete the original 2-3 people‘s workload, comprehensively improving work efficiency and output.
    Create a good work environment. The traditional electromagnetic heating module will heat the coal furnace under the high temperature and high heat, which will not only make the working environment poor, but also cause damage to the body of the skilled workers. Electromagnetic heating high-frequency induction equipment USES eddy current heating mode, so it will not release polluting gases. It is environmentally friendly, and the daily working environment of workers can be greatly improved.
    Local heating can save energy. Using electromagnetic heating high frequency induction equipment can quickly heat a part of the workpiece, which overcomes the drawback that traditional heating module can only heat all, making it possible to focus on local processing. Besides, the consumption of electromagnetic heating high-frequency induction equipment is very low. The consumption in the processing time is about 20% lower than that of ordinary heating modules. However, it is reasonable to save power to make it work by only using standby power.
    All in all, electromagnetic heating high-frequency induction equipment can operate automatically at a relatively stable temperature, with good safety performance. Even technical workers without much operational experience can easily use it for daily work, which is the ultimate safety.
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