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Commercial furnace

Commercial furnace

The way of electromagnetic heating commercial cainuanlu _ magnetic 4







    1)Never leakage: variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating, real separation of water and electricity

    2)Energy saving and power saving: temperature control, energy saving and convenient, direct heating

    3)Multiple protection: low voltage protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, dry burning protection, overtemperature protection, low temperature protection, anti-freeze protection

    4)Never scale: no scale, no corrosion, no explosion, long life

    5)Intelligent control: safe, intelligent, super power can be customized, central electromagnetic heating furnace, central heating, large area multi-connection matching

    Introduction to variable frequency electromagnetic heating furnace:

    Electromagnetic cainuanlu is using electromagnetic induction heating principle, use the ac rectifier to dc inverter for high frequency alternating current, the effect on the inductance coil to produce alternating magnetic field, make the body produces numerous small eddy current, heating furnace by eddy current collision, make the water reach the purpose of heating inside the furnace body, more than 20 mm between water and the coil insulation insulation materials, thermal efficiency can reach 97%, environmental safety, the preheating time is short, heating up fast. CND(磁能道)  electromagnetic heating furnace system includes: variable frequency electromagnetic heating controller, intelligent operating control system, electromagnetic coil, heating furnace body and protection circuit.


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