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Why can electromagnetic heating heating save energy?

Time:2018-05-31 Views:1061
    It is well known that in general the electromagnetic heating heating in thermal efficiency is about 30% higher than traditional heating means, so for no central heating and does not have gas heating condition of integration of urban and rural areas, and vast rural areas, use of electromagnetic heating heating heating of the low cost is the ideal choice, why?
    In the 19th century, the British physicist Faraday and the Danish natural philosopher oster discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism and proved that electricity can create magnetism and magnetism can generate electricity. Whether magnetoelectric or electro-magnetic, the object must have good properties of conducting, conducting or both. So we often say that the electromagnetic heating load has to be iron, and when it‘s heated by iron, it‘s going to transfer the heat to the other things that we need, to get to the temperature that we need.
    In addition, the electromagnetic heater is composed of electrical energy into magnetic energy, again by the magnetic energy into heat tools, when there is high speed of heating load (i.e., heat gun barrel) alternating magnetic field lines, heat gun barrel itself to high fever, plus the Ge original electromagnetic heater with internal structure, rapid heating and without heating in advance, without electricity insulation, boot 10 seconds can be used, make full use of electrical energy, thermal efficiency is as high as 99% above, nearly 20% beyond the industry standard. Therefore, compared with general electric water heaters, the electric saving and water saving of this kind of equipment can reach 20% to 30%.
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