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The use of electromagnetic radiator so more reliable!

Time:2018-05-31 Views:1040
    In recent years, electromagnetic heaters have been widely accepted for their fast heating rate and high safety performance. In order to ensure long-term and effective operation, how should they be used in daily life?
    The electromagnetic heating system should be tested and checked before heating, including power supply, ground end and control system. For the quality of the power supply should focus on the stability of the voltage, inspection and check all kinds of safety protection facilities could work normally, determine the thermostat indicate temperature can be set according to the control, power, etc. For users with preferential peak-valley electricity price during heating, they should adjust or start peak-valley metering meter under the guidance of relevant departments to operate correctly.
    At the same time, it is necessary to start the electric heating system correctly according to a series of steps. Second, power the system by closing the switch. Third, turn on the thermostat power, according to the operating instructions of the thermostat, select the temperature control mode, and confirm that the working state of the thermostat is consistent with the corresponding setting. Fourth, observe and test the working conditions of the system, including the ground heating rate, the working state of the thermostat, and the action of the safety protection system.
    In addition, standard management needs to be strengthened. When using electromagnetic heating system, for example, set the normal heating indoor temperature Suggestions as 16 ℃ - 18 ℃. And room temperature is 16 ℃, the surface average temperature is below 26 ℃ + 2 ℃, the body feeling temperature at this time has reached 21 ℃. Weak old people, patients and children living room can be appropriately increase the set temperature, but it is not higher than 20 ℃.
Of course, small make up recommend for long-term uninhabited users, in room using electromagnetic heating system used in antifreeze, suggest set the temperature at about 5 ℃. Low temperature setting may be because the interior structure, the electromagnetic heater arrangement, wind speed, the influence of such factors as the position of the thermostat and temperature measuring precision, make indoor equipment or fluctuation conduit below the freezing point, so still need to pay attention!
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