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If press output frequency to distinguish, what kind of electromagnetic heaters have?

Time:2018-06-15 Views:1132

1. Low-frequency electromagnetic heater

The working frequency of low frequency electromagnetic heater around 50 hz to 1 KHZ, the frequency of the commonly used more for power frequency, the depth of the heat can reach about 10 mm to 20 mm, is commonly used in large workpiece, the overall heating, tempering, annealing, hardening, etc.

2. Medium-frequency electromagnetic heater

Intermediate frequency electromagnetic heater is common, because of the depth of the heat can reach 3 mm - 10 mm, about 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ frequency, is a very time in electromagnetic heater for heating, mostly used in industrial heating, on behalf of intermediate frequency furnace.

3. Ultra-audio electromagnetic heater

The frequency range of the superaudio is from 20khz to 40khz, and the heating thickness is about 2mm-3mm. It is mostly used for medium diameter workpieces, and occasionally for the thin-walled pipe with larger diameter.Most of the time is used in object welding, thermal assembly, medium gear quenching.

4. High frequency electromagnetic heater

The electromagnetic heater is commonly used in small parts of internal heating, tempering, red, forging, annealing, tempering, and surface hardening, its frequency is approximately 40 KHZ to 80 KHZ, used more widely in deep processing of parts.

5. Ultra-high frequency electromagnetic heater

This heating mode frequency above 200 KHZ, high or even a few MHZ, but heating depth and thickness of the role is the smallest, this is usually used in electromagnetic heater and small parts, welding, quenching parts such as surface treatment.

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