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Electromagnetic heating stove

The three construction projects of dongda adopt this world 60kw electromagnetic heating furnace

Time:2018-06-02 Views:2000
    Project name: the third construction project of dongda
    Project location: no. 12, xuelian street, sujiatun district, shenyang city, China
    Host selection: 4 60kw electromagnetic heating furnace
    Project details:
    The design of shenyang dongda three buildings adopts the unique internal hot air circulation structure of saige, which can keep the processing conditions of each station consistent, so as to avoid the difference in the performance of workpieces in different positions. The external high-strength rotary mechanism is more stable and reliable. The new type of super-large regulating device is more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly than burner and high efficiency fan, combined with the unique waste heat recovery system. The unique vertical quenching system makes the deformation of the workpiece smaller. The whole system can achieve full automation and reduce manpower cost.
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