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Electromagnetic heating stove

Shenyang gymnasium adopts magnetic furnace of world magnetic energy channel

Time:2018-06-01 Views:1526
    Project name: shenyang gymnasium electromagnetic heating project
    Project location: no. 21, south wanghua street, dadong district, shenyang university
    Host selection: 4 60kw electromagnetic heating furnace
    Project details:
    Shenyang university gymnasium is located in the campus of shenyang university, with a construction area of about 18,900 square meters. It is planned to be completed and put into use by the end of 2012.
    Shenyang university gymnasium will be used as the judo competition venue of the 12th national games, with about 5,000 seats (3,000 fixed seats and 2,000 mobile seats). The gymnasium of shenyang university is divided into three layers: the first floor is mainly the functional area of the national games, including the athletes‘ warm-up area and training ground. The second floor is mainly for the audience passage, rest hall, etc. The third floor is mainly news area and office area.
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