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  As a collection of research and development, production, sales and after sales for the integration of environmental protection high-tech enterprises,  saco was established in shenzhen in 1990, the development so far has senior engineering and technical team, advanced foreign production equipment and scientific and strict management system, and the strength, good reputation, be praised by customers all over the country.
  In response to a country to save energy and protect the national policy, the saco always USES the European and American advanced production technology, with independent innovation as the forerunner, take the customer demand as the center of the objective, devotes to the electromagnetic heating heater, solar hot water engineering, solar photovoltaic power generation, air can heat pump hot water engineering, air compressor high temperature waste heat utilization, plating bath heating equipment, plant cooling ventilation engineering, etc., and provide customers with timely, efficient, comprehensive, high quality service, to provide its own products constantly optimize and expand.In addition, forged by the electromagnetic heating controller, electromagnetic induction heater is a high energy saving, high efficiency, simple operation, the advantages of the use of safe, convenient maintenance, no pollution, and widely used in plastic machinery heating, wood, construction, food, medical, chemical and other energy saving transformation, such as plastic granulator, blown film machine, drawing machine, injection molding machine, granulator, rubber extruder, vulcanizing machine, cable extrusion machine, plastic machinery production electromagnetic heating energy-saving renovation.
  By 2012, the company had a number of authorized patents, and the product was the first to pass the ISO 9001 international system quality certification and industrial product license in the same industry.In the future, the company will continue adhering to the "innovation, integrity," the core values, the "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy, with the most competitive quality and price advantage, and geared to the needs of the market continuously introduce applied in commercial refrigeration, swimming pool, hot water, heating drying, hot and cold recycling, domestic hot water in areas such as a series of high quality, energy saving, environmental protection products, strive to promote industry traditional heating mode to the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent human nature direction, trying to be a heated the industry leader.

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