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Method of winding the electromagnetic heating coil

Time:2019-09-04 Views:572
For now, the electromagnetic heater industry is more and more hot, many small businesses to the electromagnetic heating industry. Some small enterprises will also produce more and more, and the operation and installation steps, though relatively simple, are easy to make mistakes, thus making electromagnetic heating equipment out of favor. For this reason, small series specially to provide you with some electromagnetic heating coil steps.
First, choose insulation cotton, about 20-30mm thick, cut the size to cover the iron pipe.
Two, put the high temperature cloth wrapped insulation cotton, because the insulation cotton, pay attention to! It should not be pressed too tightly, and the cotton retaining thickness should be about 20-25mm.
Three, continue to use high temperature cloth wrap insulation cotton.
Four, use high temperature cloth to wrap insulation cotton as beautiful as possible.
Five, high temperature cloth wrapped insulation cotton finished.
Six, start winding coil.
Seven, upward direction around.
Eight, continue to go up.
Nine, pay attention to the side winding winding, as neat as possible. Keep going up.
Ten, ten, around to a certain amount of inductance (or enough length) basically completed.
Integrated above, electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating coil use methods need joint efforts. More attention is needed. 
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