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Essential high frequency electromagnetic heater - electromagnetic induction heating energy saving - knowledge

Time:2019-09-05 Views:8
With the change of times, the way of heating is also changing rapidly, so how can we use the advantages around us to choose the right way of heating? A lot of friends who want to buy electronic induction heating products will worry about, electromagnetic heating products radiation is not large, the harm to people is not harmful, with these problems by the magnetic way electric heating equipment co., LTD. Technical staff to introduce to you in detail.
One, electromagnetic induction heating energy saving why energy saving?
In the 19th century, British physicist Faraday and Danish natural philosopher oster discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism, and proved that electricity can generate magnetism, and magnetism can generate electricity. Whether magnetogenesis or electrogenesis, the object targeted must have good conductivity, permeability or both conductive and magnetic properties. So it is often said that the load of electromagnetic heating must be iron, which is heated by iron and then passes the heat on to other objects needed to reach the temperature we need. Electromagnetic induction heating energy saving is a kind of equipment that changes from electric energy to magnetic energy, and then causes heating body to generate heat by magnetic energy induction. When the heating load (i.e. the heating barrel) is subjected to high-speed alternating magnetic field lines, the heating barrel itself will rapidly heat up. In the process of energy transfer, the loss is very small, and the heating efficiency is more than 95%. Therefore, the use of electromagnetic heating equipment has obvious advantages of energy saving and energy saving and improving production efficiency.
Second, the load coil is energy saving with electromagnetic induction heating power
The load coil is one by one corresponding to the energy-saving power of electromagnetic induction heating, and it has a parameter called inductance. Different powers correspond to different inductance, that is, the length of winding is also different. Inductance is measured by a special instrument (bridge), which varies with many parameters, such as the density and density of winding, the distance between the coil and the heating body, the shape of the coil and so on... Therefore, winding coil is more about experience. In the absence of measuring instrument, we will tell you the experience value for reference, and then adjust the coil slowly according to the working state of the machine, so as to add or reduce the coil and reach the proper working state
Third, heating body material
The material of the heating body is the material of the metal that needs to be heated. The requirement of electromagnetic heating is magnetic conductivity. In short, it can be held by a magnet, that is to say, it contains iron. Stainless steel is the least efficient, so do not use a non-conductive material. 
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